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First Capital Insulation, Inc. was established in 1982 by Patricia and Roland Cumor, starting the business by installing insulation on mechanical systems. In 1984 First Capital Insulation, Inc. expanded its services into the asbestos removal business including Toxic Lead - Testing services and servicing the Coatesville, PA area. As environmental regulations continued to change, First Capital Insulation, Inc. also continued to expand its services by offering Toxic Lead - Testing as well as asbestos building inspections, lead paint remediation and mold remediation. For exceptional services in the Coatesville, PA area, please call (717) 843-1753.
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"First Capital Insulation, Inc. has developed a wide range of customers over the years, taking on the mission that no job is too small or too large. We offer excellent Toxic Lead - Testing services in the Coatesville, PA area, call (717) 843-1753 today. Our wide range of customer base is from small residential projects to large commercial projects ranging from a couple hundred dollars to $1.5 million. Besides the residential and commercial market, First Capital Insulation, Inc. performs its Toxic Lead - Testing services in schools, industrial facilities, government facilities (local, state and federal), hospitals and water/waste treatment plants in the Coatesville, PA area. First Capital Insulation, Inc. are members of our local Chamber of Commerce, York County Economic Development, ABC Keystone Chapter & ASA Central PA. Nationally, First Capital Insulation, Inc. are members of NIA and EIA. Call First Capital Insulation, Inc. today at (717) 843-1753. "
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A lead inspection tests every surface inside and outside your home to see if there's lead paint and where it's located. This is important information if you plan to renovate or do repairs that might disturb painted surfaces. (Lead paint under layers of newer non-lead paint is usually not a hazard unless it is disturbed.)  A lead inspection does not tell you if the paint is a hazard, it simply tells you where it is. You should have a lead inspection if you plan to renovate, or plan to remove lead paint to make the property lead-free, or if a property will be demolished.


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